Beautiful View from The Popp Family Roof!

The beautiful view from atop this roof, 52 squares in 1 day in this heat with the greatest group of guys a contractor can have.

Finished this roof on a sunny day in August. Due to hail storm in the area the Popp family called us to inspect the roof.

Damage was sustained to the shingles, flashings, gutters, fence, windows, and garage doors. As is typical, the roof being damaged is just part of the story. That’s why it’s so important to call a trustworthy roofing company to give you an estimate.

We replace the roof, chimney flashings and side wall flashings along with damaged vents. As a general contractor we were able to also coordinate repairs for the gutters, fence, broken windows, and garage doors.

We used GAF timberline weathered roof shingles and ridge cap and underlayment.

Thank you Christopher and Sandy Popp for trusting Bear Roofing Systems as your number 1 roofing company.