Bear Roofing metal roofing job

Metal Roofing in San Antonio Texas : A Guide

Is Metal Roofing a Good Choice for San Antonio Texas? Short Answer: YES! Metal roofing is a great option for San Antonio and the surrounding areas as the benefits of metal roofing generally seem to outweigh the drawbacks for many homeowners. This is because metal roofing straddles the line between reasonable cost and strength, with …

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Insurance Claim for Roof Replacement

Mr. Segovia’s insurance company had given him an RSP which meant that the homeowner received very little funds for their claim. The homeowner was unaware that he had a hybrid claim due to the fine writing. Although he sustained damage in a hailstorm, Allstate didn’t want to pay for the portion of the roof that …

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Complete Roof Replacement in Texas

Bear Roofing Systems was able to completely restore this house including painting, re-decking and expert installation of a new roofing system. For our client Tioda Hamby featuring IKO Dynasty Cornerstone.