5 Things to Look For in Roofing Contractors

With so many roofing contractors working today, finding the right one to fit your needs can make life difficult. At Bear Roofing, we have five things we suggest you keep in mind as you get into the process of hiring someone.

1. Look for local referrals

Good roofing contractors know their communities.  Different areas have different needs, problems, and weather. As such, contractors who have been working in one area for a longer time will usually have a better grasp of what those things are. Local roofing businesses are unique because they can be experts on both roofing and on the other people in their community.

In addition to this, people in the market should avoid storm chasers. “Storm chasers” are contractors or construction companies that move into an area right after a storm or other event causes damage to a city or neighborhood. Many of these contractors do not do their research on their new areas of business. This sometimes results in both purposeful and accidental fraud or illegal activities. Scams resulting from these kinds of schemes recently caused Governor Abbott to sign a law to protect individuals.

2. Contractors Should Have Insurance

Before giving a contractor your business, make sure they have full liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. Construction can be a dangerous job since it requires people to be up high. If an injury occurs on your property and the contractor does not have insurance, the injured party can hold you liable. As a general rule, always ask for a copy of a roofing contractor’s insurance before giving them business. Bear Roofing Systems is happy to provide you with a certificate of insurance upon request.

Roofing contractors with insurance are also better for the workers themselves. Since hospital bills for injuries can cost thousands of dollars, a contractor with insurance often uses companies who take more safety measures to reduce yearly costs.

3. Get the Job in Writing

Meeting with Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors are responsible for making sure a job is finished, but they do not do all the work themselves. Writing out a detailed contract gives the contractors something to fall back on when dealing with companies that they are working with. It also gives you something to fall back on to help hold the roofing company accountable. A good contract will lay out everything that needs to be done, payment plans, insurance, clean-up responsibilities, and schedule.

Contracts primarily intend to keep the homeowner in control of the roofing repair process. In this way, a contract is also a form of communication. After signing a contract, a homeowner should know the price of the job, the length of time it should take, and how many people will be working on it.

4. Check their Credentials and Reviews

https://www.bearroofingsystems.com/customer-testimonials/Here’s a fun fact: Texas is one of the few states that does not require roofing contractors to acquire a roofing license. However, some states do. Make sure that the contractor you want to use has the proper licensing and registration for your area. Are they certified for the roofing materials they install? Bear Roofing Systems is certified with all of the most popular roofing materials ie. Gaf, Certainteed, and Owens Corning. It would also be important to check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau and read through their customer reviews. A reputable roofing company will have plenty of documentation to demonstrate their reliability.

5. Ask About Owner Involvement

Some companies, such as Bear Roofing Systems, offer their clients individual service. In these cases, the owner personally oversees your project. However, many larger companies can’t afford to do that. Once the owner makes the sale, that may be the last time he is involved with you. Therefore, knowing the differences with each roofing company can help you make the right decision for who replaces your roof. Owner oversight can make all the difference in the quality of your roof installation and your experience throughout the process. At Bear Roofing Systems, we make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new roof!

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