New Roof Construction in San Antonio​

Start smart and protect your biggest investment with a roof you can trust.

Building a new home in San Antonio? Choose wisely and let Bear Roofing Systems help you put on the roof that will not only look amazing on your new home, but will protect all of your hard work and investment.

It’s in the name “Bear Roofing Systems.”

Our team of experts pride themselves on their commitment to quality and integrity in building roofs, either residentially or commercially.

Before signing a contract, Bear Roofing makes sure to give a cash estimate of the project. In addition to this, we make sure our customers are always satisfied, as each project is personally overseen by the owner to make sure it lives up to the Bear Roofing standards.

Here is a list of the type of roofing we can help you with:

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

By far the most common roofing material on the market, Bear Roofing Systems has installed their fair share of asphalt roofs. We can work with any kind of asphalt or asphalt composite shingles that you want installed on your home’s roof, and we work with our customers to stay within their budget as much as possible.

For a little extra money you can request ‘impact resistant’ shingles and get a substantial discount on their insurance due to it’s UL rating. See GAF Adds Two New Lifetime Shingles. Most manufacturers have an impact resistant line. We wish more homeowners knew about these shingles because they are definitely worth it.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Over the past decade, metal roofing has begun to gain steam in the market. This is because metal roofing, although slightly more expensive than asphalt, lasts as much as thirty years longer, doesn’t break as easily, and is better for the environment. At Bear Roofing Systems, we love installing new metal roofs and have the expertise to install any form of metal roofing, whether it is a standing-seam roof, an r-panel roof, or a u-panel roof. In most cases, Bear Roofing even has the expertise and technology to custom cut and form the metal roofing to fit your particular roof. Doing this adds an extra layer of security to your roof. For hidden-fastener roofs, this can mean almost eliminating the possibility of leaks in your roof. To read more about the different kinds of metal roofs and why you should consider them, check out this rundown on the pros and cons of metal roofing.

Clay Tile

One of the heavier styles of roofing, clay tile roofing requires a certain roof angle to install and often requires extra support from a house’s foundation. Fortunately, Bear Roofing Systems is prepared to work with these types of roofs. We can install clay tile roofing and the internal support necessary for a house to hold such a heavy roof.

As for clay tile’s aesthetic, if you’re after a higher-end look… historic and beautiful, then clay tile is an excellent choice. Classic. Timeless. Antique Villa Tiles are made by hand from some of the outstanding clay reserves in the world. Salvaged from Haciendas, churches, and Estates in South America and Europe, these roof tiles provide the feel only authenticity can achieve.

Euroshield Recycled Rubber Tiles

They are very hard shingles made from 95% recycled Tire rubber. 

San Antonio, TX is particularly vulnerable to hailstorms— predictably so, so it’s a huge advantage to install this type of roof shingle in the area. Nothing is as durable or able to withstand extreme weather conditions as tires. Euroshield® researched and invested in the best tire rubber to create our roofing materials. Traditional roofs last 12-15 years, but Shake or Slate Euroshield® shingles can last up to 50 years in some of the worst weather events!

“Shake or Slate Euroshield® shingles can last up to 50 years in some of the worst weather events!

Shawn Whitley – Passionate Leadership

Part of the reason Bear is so special is because of the personal values that our owner, and team hold. Shawn was a critical care nurse for 20 years. He values people and cares deeply about relationships. It’s never just a roof installation for him. His desire is to help and serve others and that same drive that caused him to work for so long in the nursing field is reflected in his roofing values as well. He works to build a team who hold those same values.

Shawn also admires innovation and enjoys educating others. He is methodical about education and teaching. He not only educates his company’s team members on why we do what we do and how to do it right, but he makes sure that homeowners understand what is going on and why and how to get the best options for their roof repairs.


We’ve worked with Shawn for multiple roof repairs over the past few years and are happy every time! He is so professional, friendly and quick to take care of you. He brings peace of mind in knowing the job will get done and always follows up to make sure it was done correctly. We will definitely use Bear Roofing again in the future when needed.

Emily Fey

Bear Roofing Systems did a Phenomenal Job on my roof. We went from shingles to a metal roof and it looks amazing 👌🏼 way beyond our expectations!!! Big Thanks to Steve Gonzales, you were right. Ýou Boyz do Great Work.

Trey T. Escamilla

There are many other types of roofing styles to consider, too. This post on the Bear Roofing blog about different kinds of roofing materials examines each kind of roof and compares them all to each other. Whatever roof you want to install on your house, Bear Roofing Systems has the expertise to install it. If you are a homeowner and want us to take a look at installing a new roof, please give us a call at 210-557-1451, send an email to or visit our contact page and leave a message! We look forward to hearing from you!