Roof Repair in San Antonio TX

If you’ve had roof damage, either from a hail storm, or high wind or whatever the circumstance, Bear Roofing Systems is a great choice for a roof repair contractor, especially for those homeowners living in San Antonio.

In addition to our roofing repairs, especially related to an insurance claim, we can also help get the other, related items that may have been damaged in addition to the roof. Bear Roofing Systems prides itself on its roofing expertise, integrity and quality.

Bear Roofing has experience working with every kind of roof on the market. If your asphalt roof is missing shingles, if your metal roof is leaking, or even if tiles are beginning to crack or loosen, we can work with and repair all of it.

You may want to remove other structures and extend the roof or build a new awning. We can do that too if it is part of your storm claim.

If you need any help with a roof repair, contact us for a meeting or call 210-557-1451, or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!