Roof Repair in San Antonio TX

Protect your biggest investment with a roof you can trust.

When you need to find a contractor for roof repairs in San Antonio, Bear Roofing Systems is who you should call. We’re local to your area and can get to you right away! Don’t worry about what will happen if your roof sustains damage such as a leak, we’re here to help. You won’t have to wait around due to the severity of the damage; instead of being in distress, getting anxiety and worrying when it’s going to rain again or give us a call and let us handle everything and you can get back your life knowing that your roof is protecting you and your home.

Thankfully our clients can rest assured knowing that they are working with reputable and honest San Antonio Roof Repair contractor.

When you put your trust in Bear you get the peace of mind knowing that your roof will be repaired in a timely manner, the right way, so you can avoid long-term headaches and protect your home. We are not fly-by-night storm-chasers… we are local and Texas-proud.

If you’ve had roof damage, either from a hail storm, or high wind or whatever the circumstance, Bear Roofing Systems has almost a decade of experience and is a great choice for a roof repair contractor in San Antonio.

Specializing in Roof Repairs for Insurance Claims

Whether your roof has suffered heat damage, wind damage, hail damage or severe leaking, let us serve as your insurance claim specialists. Does your house suffer from more than one of those problems? We can help you with that too! Bear Roofing Systems is a family owned business that has been serving the community for more than 10 years. Call us today and we can help you navigate the insurance process and get your damaged roof fixed up right and for the best price!

Bear specializes in working with your insurance company to help make sure they understand the full extent of the damage to your roof so that your claim is as accurate and comprehensive. With Bear in your corner, you can rest easy knowing that the sometimes confusing insurance claims process will lead to a top-notch roof repair. Then you can get back to your normal life knowing that your home and valuables are protected. In addition to our roof repairs, especially related to an insurance claim, we can also help you get other, related items that may have been damaged in addition to the roof.

Shawn Whitley – Passionate Leadership

Part of the reason Bear is so special is because of the personal values that our owner, and team hold. Shawn was a critical care nurse for 20 years. He values people and cares deeply about relationships. It’s never just a roof installation for him. His desire is to help and serve others and that same drive that caused him to work for so long in the nursing field is reflected in his roofing values as well. He works to build a team who hold those same values.

Shawn also admires innovation and enjoys educating others. He is methodical about education and teaching. He not only educates his company’s team members on why we do what we do and how to do it right, but he makes sure that homeowners understand what is going on and why and how to get the best options for their roof repairs.


We’ve worked with Shawn for multiple roof repairs over the past few years and are happy every time! He is so professional, friendly and quick to take care of you. He brings peace of mind in knowing the job will get done and always follows up to make sure it was done correctly. We will definitely use Bear Roofing again in the future when needed.

Emily Fey

Bear Roofing Systems did a Phenomenal Job on my roof. We went from shingles to a metal roof and it looks amazing 👌🏼 way beyond our expectations!!! Big Thanks to Steve Gonzales, you were right. Ýou Boyz do Great Work.

Trey T. Escamilla

How much does it cost to repair my roof?

There are many variables in determining the cost of a roof. The kind of shingle, the square footage of the house, and the amount of damage all come into play. Thankfully, if we work with you and your insurance company, then you’ll only have to cover your deductible.

If you’re paying out of pocket, we understand that cost will be a major concern. In that case, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to come by and do an inspection and talk with you about the specifics of your roof in more detail.

What types of roofs does Bear Roofing Systems repair?

Bear Roofing has experience working with every kind of roof on the market. If your asphalt roof is missing shingles, if your metal roof is leaking, or even if tiles are beginning to crack or loosen, we can work with and repair all of it.

You may want to remove other structures and extend the roof or build a new awning. We can do that too if it is part of your storm claim.

If you need any help with a roof repair, Contact Us for a meeting or call 210-557-1451, or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!