General Contracting in San Antonio

Whenever a home needs a new roof, it’s a safe bet that other buildings or the exterior have also been storm-damaged. Bear Roofing manages sub-contractors for every major, potential interior and exterior repair work that might need to be done.

Some examples of our subcontracting work includes:


This is an obvious one, since gutters are attached to the roof. Invariably, the side of the home facing the brunt of storm winds becomes dented and will need repair, replacement, and painting. Bear Roofing contractors install gutters almost as often as we install roofs.

Painting/Interior Repairs

Storms often damage the exterior paint of the home, deck, fence, and other structures nearby. These repairs often require power washing, re-staining or painting. It is also common to have interior leaks in the home requiring new insulation, plaster repair, sealing, and painting.  Whether reworking the exterior siding or remodeling the interior, Bear Roofing has many subcontractors that do painting/interior work.


When storms damage your roof, they also normally damage your exterior structures and surfaces. Bear Roofing Systems partners with some of the best carpenters in the business on their roofing, exterior repair and remodeling projects. You can read more about what specific carpentry projects Bear Roofing is proficient in here (link to remodeling page, where I have a more in-depth description of this).


Between the roof and the ceiling, a jungle of wires spreads throughout your entire home, powering everything in it. Building a new roof or fixing and old one requires knowledge of how to deal with, install, and replace these wires if the situation calls for it.  We also contract for electrical work for exterior lighting fixtures and HVAC repairs. As a result, Bear Roofing Systems regularly partners with expert electrician subcontractors

Windows and Screens

Storms that damage a roof often also damage windows and screens. As a result, Bear Roofing regularly replaces or repairs damaged windows, trim, screens and frames as part of their repair services. You can read more about that here (link to remodeling page again).

Whether or not you just want your roof fixed or you need other subcontractors for interior and exterior projects, Bear Roofing Systems has you covered. We work with subcontractors on almost every project we undertake.

So if you have a question or need a resource in terms of contracting or subcontracting, please contact us by 210-557-1451, sending an email to or going to our contact page here and leaving a message! We look forward to hearing from you!