Repair Services

Bear Roofing Systems prides itself on its roofing expertise and quality. But we also do more than your average roofing company. In addition to our roofing repairs, especially related to an insurance claim, Bear Roofing Systems can also aid your related home repair efforts.

Our areas of repair expertise include:

Roof Repairs

Bear Roofing has experience working with every kind of roof on the market. If your asphalt roof is missing shingles, if your metal roof is leaking, or even if tiles are beginning to crack or loosen, Bear Roofing can work with and repair all of it. You may want to remove other structures and extend the roof or build a new awning. We can do that too if it is part of your storm claim.


We work with and contract top craftsmen in the carpentry business, so if your deck is damaged during a hail storm and you need it repaired, we have the resources to help you complete that task.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels can crack the same way that certain roofing shingles can. Fortunately, Bear Roofing partners with Tropic Solar to both install, remove and replace, or maintain solar panels so you can continue powering your house with an environmentally friendly energy source if they are damaged during a storm.

Window Repair

While Bear Roofing obviously tends to focus on roofing, windows also suffer damage if hit by debris or hail. Therefore, Bear Roofing Systems helps customers repair hail-damaged windows during their repair process.

Garage Doors

Another forgotten part of a house’s exterior, garage doors are prone to denting as a result of large storms. Bear Roofing will arrange help to repair, replace and/or paint your garage doors if they are part of your hail or storm insurance claim.

Wood Siding

Storms often cause damage to your home’s siding. Wood is particularly vulnerable to hail damage, which is why Bear Roofing Systems can help you repair or replace the wooden siding on your house with long-lasting fiber cement siding / “hardiplank”.

If you need any help in these areas of repair, contact us for a meeting with Bear Roofing by calling 210-557-1451, sending an email to or going to our contact page here and leaving a message! We look forward to hearing from you!