John Warinner

If I could give Shawn and Bear Roofing MORE than 5 stars I certainly would! I was referred to them by a co-worker at my job who had roofing damage a few years ago and he said “Call these guys right here and they will help you and take care of you!” I didn’t know any contractors and had never had roof damage before, so I called not knowing what to expect. Shawn met with me personally at my home and explained to me the work, how the homeowners insurance works, and what would and would not be covered. Like a roadmap to a traveler who was just lost, he helped me find my way. He took all the confusion and contractor lingo out of it and just explained in detail what would be covered and what was not. We shook hands and I agreed to hire Bear Roofing to do the work on my family’s home. I am out of town about 80% of the time and my insurance company was not helping me at all…..using COVID as an excuse for no customer service, no agents available, etc. I called Shawn and told him about the trouble I had been having for weeks with my insurance company and I really wanted to get the project started before another storm. Shawn PERSONALLY contacted the company, got to the right people, cut through all the BULL$#IT and had my insurance check in the mail to me THE NEXT DAY!!! Thank you Shawn for all your help. BY the time I got home from my traveling, my roof was FINISHED! Now I have a NEW roof, A Beautiful one at that, and superior work completed all because I went with Bear Roofing Systems. I am just a common working guy, and yes a real customer…but I can’t say enough about the kindness, fairness and great communications I got from Shawn and his company! GO WITH BEAR!! You won’t be disappointed!