Why Choose Bear Roofing Systems?

What makes Bear Roofing different from other roofers?

Are there specific techniques that Bear Roofing Systems does, and does better than others?

We build roofing systems – we don’t just build roofs.

Shawn Whitley

We are installing roofing systems so we are able to build to the specifications of the manufacturer and we are able to reward our clients with lifetime warranties.

We also carefully build to the specs of the International Residential Code 2018 for Texas. Each city also has their own requirements. We know the building codes specific to the counties we work including all the building codes for each municipality. We ensure that we install our roofs to comply. Not every company does that, but we excel at attention to the details for every roof we install.

We also are meticulous about making sure that the materials and installation we do fits the specific needs and desires of the homeowner. We do not install roofs in a ‘cookie-cutter, one size fits all’.

Is Bear more affordable?

Absolutely! We are generally more affordable because we have the knowledge and expertise to persuade insurance carriers to buy the roof due to overlooked damages in many cases. One of the goals is to reduce the out-of-pocket costs for our homeowners. We do large volume, very efficient and lower overhead work, so we can afford to give a better price without cutting quality. We never build low quality – we install high quality roofing systems. We also do our best to make sure the homeowner gets the best quality roofing system. Our greatest reward is a satisfied customer who feels great about the work we did.

Are there other specific details of Bear Roofing Systems that makes them special?

On-Site Project Management

We value on-site project management. We are on site from the moment the project begins until it closes at the end of the day.

Many roofing companies do not offer on-site project management at all. We also protect the environment around the residence. From your AC to the plumbing pipes in the attic, we make sure that everything stays connected and nothing is kicked off. We also ensure that from the moment the project is completed that every bit of trash is hauled away.

Customer Care & Relationship

We are very focused on customer relationships and satisfaction. We care about the details of each roof we do. Our goal is to make each home a personal portfolio of the homeowner’s needs. We are a local company and strive to build good long-lasting relationships with the community: local homeowners, realtors, and other small businesses in our area.

Shawn Whitley – Passionate Leadership

Part of the reason Bear is so special is because of the personal values that our owner, and team hold. Shawn was a critical care nurse for 20 years. He values people and cares deeply about relationships. It’s never just a roof installation for him. His desire is to help and serve others and that same drive that caused him to work for so long in the nursing field is reflected in his roofing values as well. He works to build a team who hold those same values.

He also admires innovation and enjoys educating others. He is methodical about education and teaching. He not only educates his company’s team members on why we do what we do and how to do it right, but he makes sure that homeowners understand what is going on and why and how to get the best options for their roof repairs.

Where does Shawn’s passion and leadership vision come from?

Shawn loves what he does and he loves the roofing industry. He also appreciates being a small business owner, simply because it allows him to meet clients and he gets to meet a lot of great people in the line of work he does. For him, doing a great job for a homeowner on their roof is a chance to make a difference in someone’s life in a very personal way–in increasing the beauty and integrity of their roof and home. Getting to help customers who have suffered losses from a storm, is a privilege to him as well.